Children's Ministry Registration Information

Medical Information

All children who participate in programming which may be held offsite or where parents/guardians are not present (Ex.: Club123, J.U.M.P., etc.), are required to complete a Master Medical Form prior to their attendance at any such event. To access a copy of the form, click here. Please email this form to [email protected] or [email protected] or leave a hard copy with a member of the Children's Ministry staff.

This form will be kept on file with the church for the program year 2021-2022. Please submit a copy of the front and back of medical insurance card  card to the church office along with the medical form.

Additional Information

Parents/Guardians: Your support of Children's Ministry programs is welcomed! Please indicate areas of interest below:

Photo, Video, Podcast, Social Media, Live Stream Release

By clicking the submit button, I am hereby registering my child for 2021-2022 programming activities at First United Methodist Church of Evanston.
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