High School Mission Trip with ASP

July 16-23, 2022

All youth in grades 8-12 are invited to be part of the team serving families in Central Appalachia with home repair. We will be working only on the exterior of homes and we will be observing any and all COVID protocols that ASP may have in place. All participants will need to observe our current COVID protocols and guidelines.

The total cost per youth is $350 with a deposit of $175 due at registration and the balance of $175 due on June 16, one month before the trip. These fees are refundable if the trip is cancelled due to COVID. Each youth is also required to participate in various fundraising opportunities to help support the trip, and to attend pre-trip meetings, dates TBA.


Youth Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact

I understand that my participation in this trip includes:

* Participating in all group Fund-raising efforts.
* Attending the preparation meetings for the ASP trip.
* Agreeing to abide by the Covenant.
* Participating in the life of this church community by attending classes, worship, and youth fellowship.
Our youth groups are an important part of the church community. Since we are committed in youth fellowship to be ambassadors of our church, we agree to act at all times as responsible representatives of this community. We will do this by:

* Showing respect to our peers and adult leaders by our words and actions.
* Being respectful of those we will be serving.
* Being good stewards of vehicles and materials used on the trip.
* Never using aggressive physical behavior.
* Observing the youth group rules of:
* No alcohol or illegal drugs to be used or in possession at any time.
* No aerosol cans or weapons (knives, etc.)
* No physical intimacy with other members of the group or exclusive behavior toward any persons.
* Participation in training, fund-raising and stock sales for the trip.
* Willingness to grow as part of this community.
* I understand that if I cannot live with these rules and expectations, I will be sent home at my parent's expense.
I understand and agree that my youth's participation in the mission trip depends on observing the covenant and that he/she/they will become ineligible to participate before or during the trip by failing to observe the covenant. I understand that the cost of returning before the group will be my responsibility.

Youth Ministry Medical Waiver

If you have not already completed the 2021-2022 Youth Registration Form, please do so here.  This will allow us to take your youth on the road!

Additionally, each youth is required to complete the 2021-2022  Master Medical Form and Waiver.  Email it to [email protected]. This form is required to participate.

Not sure if you've already completed these forms and submitted a current medical insurance card? Contact Krys Juleen at [email protected] to confirm.


Billing Information

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  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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